Are you interested in herding with your dog?  Uncertain as to where to start?

Here is a book to explain the terms, what they mean and how to get started in this incredible sport! This amazing guide will teach you everything your trainer would want you to know. 

The most comprehensive quick start guide out there. 


This E-Book is a guide to help you understand the herding world and how it can help you develop an amazing  relationship with your dog.  Written in a way so as not to overwhelm you with terms, and what to do next, you will find valuable information and exercises to get you and your dog started in the right direction. 

Here are some thoughts  to get you started. Do you want to:

  • Foster a deep connection with your dog
  • Learn to take the leadership position with your dog
  • Learn to speak  a language your dog understands
  • Be the envy of all your dog owning friends!
        All of this and so much more in an instant download
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Introduction to Training the Herding Dog